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Apple-touch-startup-image Not Working


I, too, have spent countless hours trying all different sizes and schemes in iOS 9.x.x to make it work -- all for nought. :-( This helped me Show 0 Likes (0) Thanks for this! hpoydar commented Jan 21, 2015 iOS 8: https://gist.github.com/hpoydar/338ac838516b4951aadf zimagin commented Jan 24, 2015 very nice work i tested on iphone 3 and 4 and also on ipad1... Configuration apple-mobile-web-app-capable name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes"> This tag allows the page to be run full screen. have a peek here

like below... Is anybody have a workaround ? And Safari doesn’t try anything automatically. Have tried adjusting the device-width & device-height of the 'iOS 6 & 7 iPhone 5' startup image with no success. https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/23924

Apple-touch-startup-image Not Working

You signed in with another tab or window. They will only show up when launching your web app from the home screen. Thanks.

For example: rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" -->

I've set inline styles on my HTML element to display the same image as a background — later when the application has loaded I transition the body in. Apple-touch-startup-image Ios 9 Below are the sizes you’ll need for both iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch, and iPhone 5. j26design commented Jan 30, 2016 You are amazing. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2634518/is-there-an-equivalent-apple-touch-startup-image-for-the-ipad Haven't found any official responses from Apple on whether this was intentionally removed or this is just a regression.

Wish I had time to volunteer for this... Ios 9 Web App Startup Image edouard-claude commented Apr 30, 2016 Thanks a lot! It appears as if iOS 9 may have broken web app capable startup screens - anyone else having the same issues? It works for my iPhone 6 however.

Apple-touch-startup-image Ios 9

Please let me know if you notice any problems or want to suggest an improvement. http://taylor.fausak.me/2012/03/27/ios-web-app-icons-and-startup-images/ For more on standalone mode, see apple-mobile-web-app-capable.Changing the Status Bar AppearanceIf your web application displays in standalone mode like that of a native application, you can minimize the status bar that Apple-touch-startup-image Not Working iPhones iPhones only support portrait orientation. Apple-touch-startup-image Iphone 6 Unfortunately, linking to a retina startup image isn’t as easy as the icon.

iPad landscape startup screen image. (Full size) 1. http://seesbg.com/not-working/car-stereo-touch-screen-not-working.html x4080 commented Aug 16, 2015 Ipad 3 startup image not showing also in ios 8 in landscape mode, works ok on portrait mode, maybe there's a bug in ios 8? williamle8300 commented Jan 29, 2015 Is this a typo? ` ` Change to sizes="180x180"? Hacky but works. Apple-touch-startup-image Ios9

Can you tell me the subject line you sent, and I will search for it. http://www.paulofierro.com/archives/568/ iPad (both orientations) is tricky. For consistency with iOS 7+, use precomposed icons. Check This Out In Settings I cleared the mobile Safari cookies and data.4.

It is a landscape resolution with a portrait image: It rendered wrong for me anyway so I Apple-touch-icon Not Working Now, the startup image is shown from the first or second launch from the home screen no matter what orientation you're holding the iPad in. On iOS 7, the image pops under the status bar once the app loads.

It runs offline like a champ.JΛ̊KE Leave a comment on douglerner's reply douglerner Re: Question about not appearing apple-touch-startup-image on iPhone 4 years ago In my case, server access is required

For example, if the appropriate icon size for the device is 60 x 60, the system searches for filenames in the following order:apple-touch-icon-76x76.pngapple-touch-icon.pngSee Icon and Image Sizes for webpage icon metrics.Note:Safari The sizes attribute doesn’t work for startup images. Pavel's answer fixed the retina version for the iPad. Apple-touch-icon Size MenuApple DeveloperApple DeveloperTechnologiesResourcesProgramsSupportMember CenterSearch Apple DeveloperSearch Apple DeveloperResetSearch Apple DeveloperApple Developer ForumsActivityHomeContentPeoplePlacesSearchSearch CommunitiesSearchLog in Apple Developer Forums / Safari and Web / iOS Web Apps Please enter a title.

Just did that #26974806. To set another startup image, add a link element to the webpage, as in:In the above example, replace startup.png with your startup screen filename. All Forums Recent Posts Design Blog About Training Podcast Contact Blog Home screen icons and startup screens Words: Andy Clarke Oct 28 2012 I spent a couple of hours this afternoon this contact form After some indeterminate loading activity, the same image is revealed again (as my styles dictate), but I can't seem to avoid the flash of unstyled / lack of content.

Not the answer you're looking for? That was done by a friend of mine.Anyway, it's all driving me crazy.1. The best bet for maximum compatibility is black; default and black-translucent behave differently between iOS 6 and 7. (Sometimes on iOS 7+, the status bar starts as white-on-white or black-on-black. See First Steps: Identifying Your App in iTunes Connect for details.Specifying a Startup ImageOn iOS, similar to native applications, you can specify a startup image that is displayed while your web

Ugh. Maybe it got filtered somewhere.Thanks!doug jakecigar Re: Re: Question about not appearing apple-touch-startup-image on iPhone 4 years ago it was Re:[WatchList] Question about not appearing apple-touch-startup-image on iPhoneJΛ̊KE Leave a comment addyosmani commented Mar 22, 2016 Can anyone verify if this is still an issue in 9.3? Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox.

The following has been tested on iPhone (Retina and non-retina) and iPad (retina and non-retina).